Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The green, green grass of Ireland...

Ireland was a blast! Lovely people and so many pubs. Unbelievable! More info will come....but first of all I want to contribute with a couple of photos related to the rock God of Ireland, the late Philip Parris Lynott of Thin Lizzy.

Me and Sidekick-Ulfstedt took the Dart to the outskirts of Dublin and visited his grave at St Fintans Cemetary. My heart stood still and it was a sentimental moment for sure.

The gravestone is actually carved and designed by none less than Jim Fitzpatrick who did a bunch of the most famous Lizzy artworks during the 70's. Lovely piece of art!

Note the Alabama postcard to the right...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Four months later....and we are finally able to log in to our blog... No one knows what happened and why the blow was unavailable for us to reach but now we're back in the saddle again...

It's been a hectic spring and summer and things are really moving on for Alabama Records. We've released an album with Mother Misery (All eyes on you) which has recevied fantastic reveiws and comments. Go out and buy it asap!

We went to Sweden Rock Festival and made several of useful new contacts. I also got the opportunity to have a quick chat with Rachel Boland (Skid Row) about Rockets To Ruins (available through Alabama know) which album he has produced. I also had a very interesting and fun talk to Bryan Young (Beau Nasty, David Lee Roth, Talisman) about skiing. It turned out he's as much a ski-freak as I am :) We had a lot of slopes and freeriding to talk about.... A very nice guy and I wish Bryan all the best if he reads this blog!

Next up for AR is the release of Finnish (thank god he do speak Swedish, though) artist Gemie (aka Jens Smedman) who actually finished (hehe) second place after Lordi in Finlands Eurovision Song Contest qualifications in 2006. As a composer - not artist. But it is still way cool to have him signed to the Alabama roster. The album is entitled "The circus and the monkey" and is scheduled for release first week in October 2007. Gemie will head over to Sweden for a couple of gigs the same week. More info will follow regarding this.

Eventually his new site ( will be launched....hopefully :)

Later tonight me and my Alabama-sidekick Ulfstedt (aka Ulfbåge) will go to Ireland for some business and pleasure. We'll hook up with some business associates as well as being plain tourists. We will definetely pay a visit to the late Philip Parris Lynott's grave in Dublin and honour the man responsible for soooo much good music and lyrics. I met his lovely mother Philomena a couple of years a ago and she invited me to her place if I ever would go to Ireland, but I think I'm a bit to shy to call her and say hello. We´ll see... ;)


Ps. Q5 - Steel the light - a must have for every metal head. A hidden treasure - a gem - an album you can't afford not to have!!!