Saturday, September 1, 2007

Swedish Metal Expo - day one

Just got back from the first day of SMX (Swedish Metal Expo) held at Fryshuset in Stockholm. Listened to Daniel Johansson and his thoughts about sharing music on the Internet. He's got a lot of knowledge within this area so visit his home on the net if you wanna share his thoughts.(

I met a lot of people including the crazy Thomas and Sami from SSG ( in Finland (managing Gemie etc), Death metal-Bengt from STIM (, Jens of Carnal Forge (, Bussman of Triada Promotion (, Peter Ă–stros of Jaded Heart (, Conny & Peter of M.O.B ( to mention but a few...

Sidekick Ulfwaffe managed to be picked up by two girls. Damn he’s hot…I might need to fire him :)