Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fight for your right to party!

Tonight´s the night when Sigurdsgatan 25 (venue) will host our release party for Aggro Necesse Est - the debut album from madmen Seventribe.

Full report will be posted here tomorrow...

A totally different topic:
Yesterday I read a bunch of articles about confirmed artists to this summers festivals in the US. This one hit me like a hammer. Milwaukee Metalfest announced their entire line-up (circa 40 acts) and among them a band called Anal Blast.... How the hell do you come up with a shitty (sorry...) band name like that? And the main question is why, why, why?

They must at least be semi-good since they are set to play this rather big festival but to be honest - any random-band-name-generator would come up with a better name in a second. But(t) I guess it's not my concern.

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